E n g l i s h


General English Course

There are six levels;


  • Beginners 


  • Elementary 


  • Pre intermediate 


  • Intermediate 


  • Upper intermediate 


  • Advanced

Academic Writing Course

In this course, we provide you with some important tips which enable you to write academic essay professionally. 

English Conversation Course

In this amazing course, we help you to speak fluently and accurately. It consists of six levels.

English Pronunciation Course

Our teachers will help you pronounce correctly. We provide both British and American pronunciation.

English Grammar Course

We help you to master the English grammar and reach the advanced level.

English for Emails

This course is very important for those who contact different organisations, companies and institutions via emails. We will help you to use the right expressions to make your language as natural as possible. 

English for Travelling


In this course, we will provide you with the language you need abroad; what you say in different situations, the names of some objects you may see, etc.

IELTS Preparation Course


We can help you to get a high band in both general and academic IELTS.

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